Making games more satisfying

With automatic personalization in real time

uses real-time personalization to make games more engaging

We have a game. The game constantly makes decisions based on actions taken by players. A decision might be to award a bonus, to give a hint, or maybe make an offer to buy. Sadly, if these choices are unconnected with the players’ actions, they won’t be very useful. Fortunately, our game collects and analyzes data about a player’s actions and behavior in real time so it has no trouble taking the right actions or making appropriate decisions.

Progamero uses the power of real-time personalization
to enhance the player experience.

How does it work?


Data upload

In order to react to a player’s actions in real time, Progamero needs to access the flow of events, which it can do in a couple of ways: the easiest is to build an SDK into the game. This receives events and sends them to the Progamero server in order to generate recommendations.

The second method involves integration on the server level. In this case, your game servers send us real-time (or close to real-time) events within the game. We support two main data transfer methods: HTTP transfer and Kafka topic. Please note that Progamero must receive events in JSON format. Data in any other format requires minor customization.


Data markup

In order to process game events, Progamero needs certain minimal information:

  • Player ID
  • Timestamp
  • Purchase Amount
  • Etc

We provide a convenient UI where markup is easy to carry out.


AI Bundle preparation

After the initial data has been received and marked, we can start to develop the AI Bundle. The AI Bundle is essentially a model, an algorithm, and a strategy based on the history of a player’s behavior, which is used to generate recommendations for optimal actions in the game.

Progamero creates a template based on the data markup as a convenient starting point for the task. Additionally, a data scientist should continue the development of the AI Bundle. Technologically, the AI Bundle is a Python-language code that implements a specific interface. Progamero has practically no limitations and can range from simple rules to complex neural networks, all of which can be used inside the AI Bundle.


Experiment Launch

After preparing the AI Bundle, we must test it to reduce the risk of bugs. Progamero supports online and offline testing.

  • Offline uses a simulation based on historical data. For example, we can find out what this AI Bundle would have done yesterday using yesterday’s data. What actions would it have recommended? What percentage of players would have received these recommendations?
  • The online version is A/B testing. The system enables the dynamic selection of a group of players and it can associate the group with any AI Bundle in order to measure the effect of its actions. Progamero can measure the basic KPI, so there’s no need for an external analyst to assess the results.


Value Proposition

  • increase retention, LTV
  • by applying AI personally to each player

Progamero makes it easy

Integrated Environment

By combining data wharehousing, model hosting, the ability to manage experiments and more into one integrated environment, Progamero provides an easy and convenient way to implement game personalization.

Operation Diagrams

The PROGAMERO platform is specially designed to make game personalization as simple as possible.

Many game developers don’t offer game personalization because the threshold to enter the field is so high.

Fortunately, the Progamero platform takes care of things like the control system, the specially built data warehouse to facilitate the A/B testing and much more, so that you, the game developer, can focus your attention solely on the algorithms that are specific to your game.


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